In 2022, 8.08 million tourists visited St. Petersburg, of which only 300 thousand were foreign guests, said Vice Governor Valery Moskalenko, his quotes “Business Petersburg”. The official added that the share of foreign guests was only 3.75%.

Details. Valery Moskalenko said that previously foreign tourists accounted for about half of the total, but in 2022, most guests came from other Russian regions.

He added that the authorities are counting on an increase in tourist flow in 2023, but do not expect record levels.

Moskalenko also toldthat in 2022 not a single ship entered the passenger port of St. Petersburg. In previous years, the port, according to the vice-governor, had up to 800 ship calls a year – all ships came from Europe.

Big Picture. Tourist market participants note that, despite the restoration of the flow of customers, which occurred due to Russian tourists, hotel turnover is reduced by 20% due to the loss of solvent foreign guests, write “Vedomosti”. At the same time, the number of rooms in St. Petersburg increased by 10.6%.

In 2019 the city visited 10.5 million people, of which 4.9 million came from abroad.

What you need to know. Formerly Petersburg authorities declaredwhich hope to replace the flow of tourists from Europe and China, which was limited due to the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic, by citizens of the CIS, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

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