It seems that real import substitution does not need any grantsfresh ideas and loud names.

Telegram channel “Themes. Main (GlavMedia)” with a link to the “Foodtrack” mailing list informsthat after most McDonald’s closed in mid-March, “sales of a hearty street food have increased more than 23 times. Students, taxi drivers, couriers, tourists at airports and office clerks are especially fond of shawarma.

The shawarma sellers themselves anticipated such a development of events – a day after the closing of the “Poppies” they expressed his joy, saying: “It will replace an American burger two or three times. I’m serious! <... > There are a lot of people, we don’t have time right. This is good, pleases”, “Shawarma is better! Russians are shawarma. Everything is fresh, normal. All people love shawarma” and “Shawarma goes well this way and that way.”

At the same time, despite such a rush demand, the chefs themselves receive from 1500 to 4500 rubles per shift, or from 20 thousand to 80 thousand per month.