The renowned singer Dua Lipa, makes her followers and fans turn on social networks after showing herself in a dress that would have some transparencies. Although the singer must wear clothing classified as sexy to go on stage, she rarely wears these transparencies.

Dua Lipa, who is one of the most recognized singers in the world, not only dazzles her followers with her talent, it was recently learned that she also captivated her new boyfriend, the rapper Jack Harlowwith whom he has a private relationship.

The singer is also recognized for her passionate taste for fashion, which is why she does not miss the opportunity to give her followers content about the clothes she wears.

That is how, a few hours ago, she published some images and videos showing off her athletic and sexy silhouette, in the photos shared by the model, she is seen in a black dress, close to the body and almost completely in glitter, but what caught her attention of his followers were some transparencies of the dress

To her look she also added some gloves that complemented the outfit very well, an outfit that revealed her very well accentuated curves.

The dress was not only praised for its front part, the back part made the singer look a little flirtatious without being obscene, something that her followers especially admire, and for which her followers in general were delighted with the famous singer Dua Lipa.