british singer Dua Lipa shows her sensuality and her spectacular toned figure in recent photos, to show off the haute couture pieces she created in collaboration with the brand Versace.

On May 23 at a fashion show, the new collection that the singer made with the renowned international brand was shown, a collection that was named as «the holiday«, which was characterized by having pieces inspired by vacations but at the same time very elegant.

On your social network instagram the singer and model shared with her more than 88 million followers the photographs in which they showed their toned body and sensual figure, while wearing the clothes from the collection, on the one hand, the singer wore a swimsuit with a butterfly print which allowed her to see her beautiful figure. In the same way, a dress with an open back was also the center of attention of her photographs.

She also looked very elegant with a rather colorful dress, very close to the body and with a v-neck that adjusted to all her curves, clearly all the looks were complemented with various accessories that are also part of the collection such as bags, sandals and accessories such as earrings and rings.

The singer’s fans reacted positively to the collection, praising the singer in many ways for her slender body and creativity in creating the designs.

Shortly before the parade of the models that would show the designs began, Dua Lipa spoke about the collection to different media outlets and expressed her total excitement: «I wanted to make a very elegant Christmas style wardrobe, but at the same time something that I will wear in the summer, I wanted everyone to love it and enjoy it.«.

In addition, he added that for his collection he began to draw the sketches of the dresses with Donatella Versace the since last fall. Donatella for your part communicated that the collection with Dua Lipa simply represents «freedom, trust and fun.