Drugs, artificial intelligence and the lifting of sanctions. How did the negotiations between Xi Jinping and Biden end at the APEC summit?

IN San Francisco Chairman’s negotiations ended People’s Republic of China (PRC) Xi Jinping and the president USA Joe Biden. The meeting between the two leaders lasted four hours: during this time, the politicians discussed relations between the two countries, agreed on cooperation and walked around the garden. However, no joint statements following the talks at the summit Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) they didn’t. What Biden and Xi Jinping discussed and agreed on is in the material.

When did the meeting start?

Negotiations between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping began at about 10 pm on November 15 Moscow time, that is, at 11 am San Francisco time. The meeting took place not on the sidelines of the APEC summit, but at the Filoli estate in San Mateo County. This is an estate museum with picturesque gardens, located 40 kilometers from San Francisco. The estate is publicly owned and is a California landmark.

After the heads of the United States and China shook hands, their negotiations lasted several hours. Expectedthat politicians will discuss the war in Israela special military operation on Ukraineas well as the development of artificial intelligence, relations between the two countries and climate change.

China-US relations

A special place in the negotiations was given to bilateral relations Beijing And Washington. During the meeting, Biden emphasizedthat the rivalry between the two countries should not turn into open conflict.

Xi Jinping, in turn, noted that it is impossible to turn away from cooperation between the United States and China.

For large countries like China and the United States, turning their backs on each other is not an option

Xi Jinping

The Chinese leader also called the attempts of one country to remake the other unrealistic, and added that confrontation between Beijing and Washington would have negative consequences for both sides. “I still believe that rivalry between countries should not become the main trend, as it will not help solve the problems facing China and the United States,” Xi Jinping emphasized.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

At the end of the negotiations, Biden on his social network account X (formerly Twitter) wrote about making “real progress” in a meeting with Xi Jinping. Past negotiations he named one of the most constructive and productive contacts between the United States and China.

Following the meeting, the leaders of the two countries Deal resume high-level military-to-military dialogue that was interrupted in 2022. The importance of such contacts was proven by the incident with a Chinese balloon over the United States, CNN noted.

At the same time, Biden, giving a press conference after the negotiations, statedwhich warned China against interfering in the US elections that will be held in 2024.

Lifting sanctions

Among other things, during the meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden, the Chinese leader expressed hope to lift unilateral US sanctions. He emphasized that external forces will not be able to hinder the development of the PRC, and the abolition of restrictions will create fair competition for Chinese and American companies in the US market.

In addition, Xi Jinping noted on the sidelines of the APEC forum that China is ready to be a “partner and friend” of the United States in the economy. How asserts Reuters news agency, Beijing seeks to “calm global business” and resist attempts by Chinese companies to attract investment from abroad.


One of the main results of the negotiations between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden was agreement the Chinese leader to help Washington in the fight against the drug fentanyl, a wave of consumption of which has swept the United States and provoked a powerful drug crisis in the country. China has agreed to prosecute companies that produce fentanyl precursors. This synthetic opioid is produced in clandestine laboratories on the territory of Mexico, India and China, but it is the PRC that the United States considers the main source of the dangerous drug.

The fact is that this substance is considered 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, but costs less than natural opioids. Having a similar effect to heroin, fentanyl is much more rapidly fatal with long-term use, as well as a spike in overdose deaths. In terms of the number of deaths in the United States, the drug has already overtaken road accidents, and in 2022, every seven minutes one American was leaving out of life precisely because of fentanyl.



lost their lives in the US in 2021 due to opioid use, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At the same time, this substance is legally used as an anesthetic, mainly in disaster medicine, field medicine and paramedicine.

Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

What else did Xi Jinping and Joe Biden discuss?

In addition, at the meeting, the leaders agreed to create an expert group that will study the dangers of artificial intelligence. Biden also expressed his support for Ukraine.

During the negotiations, Xi Jinping and Biden walked through the garden; during the promenade, the US President showed his Chinese counterpart his photo in San Francisco 38 years ago. “Do you know this young man?” — Biden asked, showing a photo of Xi Jinping in his youth against the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was in 1985 that the head of the People’s Republic of China visited the States for the first time; this visit shaped his idea of ​​the country, an official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs later said Hua Chunying.

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