The editors of Express express an alarming situation with various dubious existences, which are crowded with city streets, within the series Hell in Prague. In the first parts, we focused on Anděl, the modern business district where one of Prague’s two contact centers for drug addicts stands. Their concentration is therefore high here.

After a series of articles, the situation began to turn for the better, several police raids took place around Angel and the drug addicts retreated. But lately, they have begun to swarm here again. And so the editors of Expres went back into action.

We didn’t have to wait long for the first shocking scene. In the park immediately above the Na Zatlance grammar school, we came across a pair of drug addicts who had just applied a dose.

Drug addicts at the Prague Angel in action.

He searched for the right vein for a while.

While one of them was probably done, and only his legs peeked out of the bushes, the other sat on the railing, trying to find the right vein for several tens of seconds. When he succeeded, he stuck a drug needle into it.

After a few tens of seconds, he finally found the right place.

A few meters from the playground, we came across a drug addict who was injecting a dose into a vein.

The pair was several tens of meters away from the school. Even closer to them is a playground with sand and several climbing frames.

As we have already informed you in last work Hell on Anděl, shocking on the whole problem is that Prague has obviously completely given up on fighting drug addicts. We did not meet a single police officer in the park, instead the city installed special baskets with a narrow opening all around.

Syringe baskets are now installed in the “horror park”. But children from a nearby school play with them.

“Insert the syringes into the hole with the needle first.” standing on baskets.

There are syringe baskets in the park.

The city obviously accepted that the park with several playgrounds and the Bertramka villa, where the Mozart Museum is located, had been used by drug addicts. And instead of trying to drive them out, he begs them to at least dispose of used and very dangerous syringes.

Unfortunately, they don’t usually do that either, and drug debris is everywhere.

What’s more, it’s quite shocking, because there are many schools in the area, including the aforementioned grammar school, and there are children around the syringe baskets. And far from all of them have a common sense on drugs.

Children from a nearby school play with special syringe baskets.

We noticed a pair of boys who were obviously attracted to one of the syringe baskets. From a distance, it even seemed that one of them was trying to get into it.

By the way, the whole scene took place just a few meters from the place where the above-mentioned drug addicts were just taking the applied drugs.