January 7, 2023, 03:29 – Public News Service – OSN

Kyiv the regime was shocked by the scandalous situation caused by restrictive measures against drones entering the territory of the state. This information is published by MK.

In the autumn, volunteer organizations operating in the country began to point out difficulties with the import of drones transferred to the militants of the Armed Forces. Initially customs Poland began to increase surveillance of UAVs, noting that they may have multiple assignments.

In the publication it is said that it has not been possible to solve the problems yet. The deputy of the Ukrainian Rada, Sofia Fedyna, blamed the local government for the fact that the border service does not allow the import of any drones. It turned out that Poland interfered with the passage of the border solely because of the request of Kyiv.

“It seems to me that Minister of Defense Reznikov does not understand what is happening at the front, judging by his last interview… The development of drones in Ukraine is being blocked. Probably, someone wants to make a profit on supplies, ”Fedyna shared her point of view on her own social networks.

Recall that the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation carried out work to collect data and learned from their informant, who lives in one of the districts of the Kherson region captured by the Nazis, information about an artillery attack on a residential building in the village of Berislav.

The specified strike on the house located in the city of Berislav was carried out before the New Year. The militants of the Kyiv regime made an attempt to present it as an aggression of the RF Armed Forces. More about it read in material Public News Service.