January 6, 2023, 04:19 – Public News Service – OSN

Western states have learned about how serious the potential of the Geran-2 drone, which is used by the Armed Forces RF as part of a special military operation on Ukrainian territories. The EurAsian Times writes about it.

The publication noted that residents of foreign countries and local correspondents were shocked when they saw a frame showing how Geran-2 continues to move towards the target, despite the fact that the wing of the car was seriously damaged. The publication says that the diameter of the penetration indicates that it was caused by the fire of the Cheetah.

The journalists noted that the UAV was not only able to continue the task, but most likely successfully hit the object chosen for the attack.

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Right now, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are using the Geran-2 to defeat the air defenses of the Kyiv regime.

False information regarding the success of Kyiv’s anti-aircraft crews is refuted by experts, the newspaper notes. Thanks to attacks carried out using inexpensive UAVs, the Russian side hits the wallets of the West and Ukraine, which are losing expensive armored vehicles.

Recall that the forces of the artillery units of the RF Armed Forces, striking at the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are entrenched in the Novgorodskoye settlement known as New York, have a huge superiority over the enemy in terms of firepower.

From the point of view of the fighter operating under the call sign “Evil”, who took command of the battery of howitzers, superiority is expressed in twenty times. More about it read in material Public News Service.