January 7, 2023, 16:32 – Public News Service – OSN

The next two decades may see a sharp decline in the population Lithuania. According to experts, changes in the country’s demographics could be dramatic. This is reported by the Lithuanian national radio and television portal LRT.

It is clarified that the forecast was received by the working group of the Seimas, which specifically deals with the problems of Lithuanian demography. The expert made a forecast of demographic dynamics until 2045, according to which by that time the population of the country could be reduced from 2.841 million people to 2 million. The material also notes that the reduction of the country’s population is a protracted process. So, in 1992, 3.7 million people lived in Lithuania, and this figure only decreased from year to year.

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Earlier it was reported that a sharp decline in the birth rate in 2023 in Ukraine was predicted. According to scientists, in the coming years there will be a reduction in the country’s population to 35 million people, and this is only according to an optimistic forecast. Details read in material Public news service.