Jakub Douda from Pilsen is trying to push through, to Luka Kikan from Brno.
| photo: Petr Eret,

And how! In vyjatch moments ptho finle against Zub showed on Sunday evening nerves of iron. Only two seconds later, the normal player of the time was missing, when Douda jumped over the armchairs at nine meters, leveled the stele at 28:28 and sent back to the shootout.

In nm, the former Zubersk hr was the first to score. And he hid the sweet teak in est srie. For a moment, the house keeper md left the cannon Mokovsky with his left hand, who just looked up at the ceiling of the hall.

Douda sweat could decide. And so he did. First he painted the stele and then sent a balloon over Mizera’s left hand, right into the upper corner of the goal.

While the Zub bench sank into deep sadness, the Slovany hall was overwhelmed. Tears were only kept by the expert Mikel. In pt sri, the zubersk procedure was on hand, if he turned, it was done. Only a great duel won a great match.

Talent does not have to regret that, in a kind of stupid way, they have a tskrankov nskok. Te tm ek gave srie for gold against Karvin.