Some heard the word whistleblowing before a few days at all. Only Michal Zdnek, the supervisor of the board of the Transport Company of the City of Prague, was declared a whistleblower, who drew attention to unfair practices in previous contracts.

In the literal sense, it’s a slap on the wrist’, otherwise it’s a warning about wrongdoing, unethical or wrongdoing. Similar to how referees write fouls in sports, whistleblowing is written in companies and on the streets. bikes and companies.

Jan Slma

  • He has been running the business since he was 12 years old.
  • He is one of the founders of the technology startup, which was the first to operate a whistleblowing platform in the Czech Republic.
  • The application was created in 2017 as a student project with the goal of eit ikan na kolch. It operates worldwide under the name FaceUp.
  • From 2020 on it thus requires corporate clientele and help with the fulfillment of the conditions set out in the Whistleblower Protection Act.
  • Their whistleblowing technology is used by two thousand organizations on those continents. The project won a number of prestigious awards.

Does whistleblowing even mean anything?
I don’t think of the concept of hell as reporting, which should be both internal, that is, when a whistleblower informs you about an unethical act by a company leader, and external, when a whistleblower alerts you to the police or the media.

In the Czech society, there is still a negative reaction to the data from previous years. How would you respond to the argument that it is a money grab?
I would say that it is always bad on the informer’s mind. There is a big difference between some people in the past regime, who brought it because of their own enrichment, and anonymous whistleblowers, who are simply trying to expose you to wrongdoings and get better.

It is necessary to ask yourself the question whether it is better to be the one who steals or the person who reports it. If we don’t like corruption, Ikan or thee discrimination, we can fight against it at least with the support of those who are not afraid to expose it. Being a whistleblower is quite difficult and requires high moral values. If someone is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and not let injustice happen, they will send each other a message.

After two, before companies started asking for it, you bought your notification platform vertically. Is it such a door box?
That’s right, it works like an online mailbox. at one time, he chooses his bike and the dog website or the NNTB application uploads an anonymous list of people on the bike, who is in the team and what exactly is going on. She then reacts to me according to our instructions and resolves the situation. In this way, we can help detect the main ikan and similar problems in a circular environment.

Can you tell me in a real case what the whistleblower can do and how the system protects him?
In Kolch, it is typically symbolic and verbal, physical, or cyber. At universities, it is mainly about sexual intercourse. In companies, there are many different topics, from those with personnel issues (discrimination) to various compliance areas, such as corruption. The system blocks him because it does not know his identity.

Is the whistleblower truly anonymous under any circumstances?
In the case of using NNTB, yes, unless I decide to withdraw from anonymity and state my name.

the wheels have hundreds of vyuujcch plates. In which large companies does your platform work best?
There is no point in whistleblowing in companies with less than 100 employees. As soon as there are hundreds or thousands of them, if they are decentralized (logistics, retail), it becomes a very useful tool for building an ethical corporate culture and collecting feedback.

How do people get to the app?
Employees can access the notification form and the following chat in many ways through the NNTB website, through the company website, application, intranet, flyers with QR where Klov is simplicity. If someone decided to draw attention to an unethical act, it should happen as little as possible.

Can you count how many companies in the Czech Republic and abroad have your application?
In total, ( abroad) is used by no more than two thousand organizations, of which hundreds of companies. Vtina’s client is currently in a state of limbo, but things are slowly turning around, with many more new users from around the world joining.

Do you keep statistics on how often employees use the application?
Let me give you the example of the business owner Sportisimo, which has four thousand employees and receives 15 incentives per month. Whistleblowing is used mainly for personnel issues and various improvement proposals. In the case of those classic whistleblowing topics, which can be first theft, corruption, embezzlement, in a company with hundreds of employees, it should be an enterprise unit.

Do you also have feedback on how to motivate people more than two?
As for a company, it’s a whole different type of incentive. Bad for company culture and how the introduction of a similar channel is presented by the company leader. employees often ask various questions, in short, you are a competent person for anything that is not easy for them to talk about in person.

Do only AD’s employees use the platform or do you and middle management?
Anyone, actually. And of course, it doesn’t have to be only employees of the company who pass on whistleblowing tools to their suppliers or to you.

Could you describe how the whole system works? Where did the whistleblower send the message, who is the addressee, how will the recipient find out that the matter has been dealt with?
If an employee decides to report something to the NNTB, you can click on the reporting form on the company’s website. There he selects the person whose request is to be sent, and either in writing or by voice, the problem pops up first.

After that, remove it with one click and the system will automatically generate an access code, under which you can move at any time to send an initiative, add additional information or answer the company owner’s questions in the form of a chat. This should be your HR manager, ombudsman, compliance manager or extern, you from a cooperating law firm. The owner of the problem has access to his own online administration, where he can work with great enthusiasm, set up the entire system and communicate with the whistleblowers.

What did the whistleblower ever want to harm someone and is it all on purpose? Is there any punishment?
It should be surprising, but we practically do not encounter a similar situation. I’m afraid it might happen that someone sends a false alarm to you in a hurry, but as soon as the teacher in the chat finds out about the course, it will be quickly revealed or the announcer will say that he was just testing the application.


The European Whistleblower Protection Directive, which entered into force last December, is currently in force. Contributions of his concern to organizations in the Czech Republic vary, but it is certain that from December, whistleblowing should be introduced at least in municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

In addition to the directive, we have a draft Czech whistleblower protection law that extends this obligation to a whole range of other entities, including all organizations with no more than 50 employees. So far, the law has been fully approved by the end of the year. Regardless of the law, many companies practice whistleblowing because they perceive its added value, according to Jan Slma from

Lately, whistleblowing is mainly from the point of view of new legislation, which can guarantee legal protection to whistleblowers. The market will offer a course where the buyer has broken through.