Fern stem
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The young, illustrator and writer Josef Apek wrote The Wall of the Fern in 1930. It was originally published as a magazine in Lidovch novinych, and in the fall of that year a book version was subsequently published.

The main characters are the poachers Ruda Aksamit and Vaek Kala, who during their activities capture the game. In a panic, knock him out and brutally kill him. Put yourself out there not only before justice, but also before your own conscience.

Surrounded by the forest, they are first intoxicated with freedom, undiminished beauty and the power of sales. Gradually, however, they begin to pursue the victims and the situation is an incentive to commit other crimes. When the forest stops being a bird’s nest for you, fall into despair.

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Audiobook by actor Igor Bare. Pbh may strike me only as a developed judge, but on a high literary level. I learned the rhythm of the song, the unusual turns of phrase, the sound-painting of the language and the symbolism. When the forest begins to speak and when the author describes the environment, there are truly surrealistic images of nature. to.

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