Lines on the production of protective equipment, which the Czech Republic gained last year, were supposed to help reduce the increase in imports of cheap and often poor quality pipes and respirators from abroad, especially those.

At the end of 2020, the Taiwanese gift was presented as a horseshoe to the Czech people for the critical attitudes of the communist n.

At that time, the gift was agreed by Sentu chairman Milo Vystril, who in Taiwan zamil vz 2020. Yes, it is a gift that has cost us nothing. Thus, I have the equipment at its disposal, which is able to produce quality respirators at the moment when it is needed, and so there is no risk that we will buy them expensively, for example, of the full-fledged countries, said VyDNil.

Of the five lines, I have only one today. In addition, rent. The remaining lines are owned by a private company.

One line was donated to the state-owned company Technick a zekobni stav stavebn Praha (TZS Praha). These lines were taken over by the European Respiratory Development and Production Center (ECVVR), Lada Faldynov told

The editorial staff also contacted the ECVVR with a question about how the lines were handled and whether they are in operation. The lines were not used this year. All these lines are with us, in our halls. Poptvka is covered in stock, said Good Mask Ale Povr for According to him, he used the lines badly on supply and demand.

The cooperation with the Taiwanese manufacturer of the lines had a charitable uneven dimension since the meeting, so the economic benefits were not evaluated. At the end of last year, the lines helped the Czech Republic’s self-sufficiency in the production of respirators;

The line is obsolete today

Stt leases its only line through TZS Prague to the Spur company. According to Veronika Kendziersk, she paid a million ron for her. At the same time, the line will not be used for protective equipment.

TZS Prague:

  • It is the largest test-certified organization in the Czech Republic in the field of conformity assessment of construction products.
  • A major partner of manufacturers, importers, designers, builders of buildings, public administrations, research and development.
  • only a number of national international organizations, active participants in the process of creating technical regulations and anodes.

The line stands in one of Spur’s production halls and is not used for a long time, Kendziersk confirmed for According to her, the company signed a contract for those years.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the value of the donation and related costs were taken into account, and other aspects, such as longevity, were taken into account, and Milue Trefancov explained to the ministry.

Kendziersk from Spur emphasized for that the products of the production line are not interested in the market: not only because of its now obsolete type of production.

Determined in the annual answer corresponds to the total purchase price of the line. At present, it is also out of operation without economic use, it is also understandably high for us, she added.

The company has agreed on an amendment to the original contract, now paying only 24 thousand crowns.

The future of the line? No comments

We continue to maintain the technical and production readiness of the line in the event of a change in the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, and in the event of a reopening of the line, the volume would be renewed for payment by the original agreement, Kendziersk said, with the company having a contract.

The editorial office thus saw what will happen to the line after the expiration of the soft contract. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) stated for that the line is a matter of TZS Prague. The state organization sent answers to editorial questions to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the departmental press department, which it refused to release.

We sent it to me the next week, Vojtch Srnka, the ministry said. However, only the answers to the set fee for the line arrived from the resort;