Dominika Gottov flew to Prague again at the end of April and spent several days there. In addition to her work on the new version of the song with Gabriel Grillotti, she was a testament to her father. For some time, Dominic is buried with the thought that the inheritance will occur.

She now met the first and signed a power of attorney. She will start the whole situation for her. Trying to get Dominika into the ddictv, informed the source of Expres, which is very close to Dominic Gott.

As for the inheritance of Karel Gott, according to unofficial information, the widows of Ivan are widows with their daughters Charlotte Ella and Nelly Sofi, and so are cousins ​​Hana.

He had to deal with his daughters Dominika and Luci, who had Karel Gott from previous relationships, several years before his death. They were supposed to sign a change agreement, for which they collected six million crowns.

While the general public has never known about Lucia Gott, Dominika has long been trying to give the impression that she was somehow impoverished, he did not want to laugh.

For example, Dominika struggled with the fact that when she signed the settlement agreement, she was under the influence of antidepressants.

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