Love is blooming and the sun is shining between Dara Rolins (49) and Pavel Nedvd (49). On Instagram, the two share one love photo after another, and it looks like the former football player is so into his love that he could even kneel down. But if it doesn’t have one serious hook.

When did it get dirty, e Dara Rollins and Pavel Nedvd rand together, it was ok for many. But after a few months, it is clear that the two are really together and their love is growing. Well, at least according to what he is serving us on Instagram. In addition to his love, the football god has melted and he doesn’t even mind that their whole life is being monitored through Dana’s profile on social media.

In fact, this story could turn out to be a happy one, which the Slovak diva did not start, she had several relationships, but she did not end up with anyone at the altar.

It was Pavel who got married in 1950 and lived with his wife for almost twenty years, then he fell in love with a young girl and left the family. But what if he would kneel down before singing and go for a ride once?

You can see how they are together astn.

Nn touches and amorous looks! Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvd are not only on Instagram.

Have a lot in common. Please travel, love the sea and mountains, enjoy life and good food. They both do a lot of sports, but they can also just fly in bed. They are a plus, for which they should relate.

But there is one catch. Don’t give up on Pavlov, who always is He was very secretive in private, he didn’t expose himself anywhere and not at all on the Internet, when no one really knew what he was doing in his private life, why the constant sale of their lives?

Dara is happy to inform you about what is going on.

She can bear anything when she’s in trouble, but what if the love is gone, won’t that be the problem that could tear them apart? Their big day would thus be under the scrutiny of Instagram, which an introverted athlete could only dream of.