Doctors have dispelled the myth about the cause of excess weight gain

Most people gain excess weight not due to hormonal imbalance, but from overeating. This and some other myths about hormones dispelled in conversation with endocrinologists Natalia Balashova and Olga Yurova.

According to Balashova, endocrine diseases that cause excess weight gain exist, but are very rare. At the same time, she added, weight gain may be associated with the hormone insulin, the body’s sensitivity to which decreases over time. “With age, hormonal levels change so much that it becomes impossible to overeat without consequences. Roughly speaking: if a 25-year-old girl regularly passes, she may not be overweight. And a woman will definitely develop it at the age of 50,” said the doctor.

In addition, Balashova continued, taking oral contraceptives does not necessarily cause a significant increase in weight or a growing mustache. “Against the background of these drugs, a certain hormonal background is created, a different balance of estrogen and progesterone. But if you don’t overeat and maintain physical activity, you won’t gain weight,” she promised, clarifying that mustache growth is an extremely rare side effect.

In turn, endocrinologist Olga Yurova debunked the misconception that healthy women become aggressive during PMS. “If a woman behaves aggressively or, conversely, feels depressed, the synthesis of neurotransmitters may be impaired. If you have an increased appetite, you should pay attention to your insulin levels. In any case, the reason is not that menstruation is coming, but something else,” she explained.

Previously, toxicologist Mikhail Kutushov and endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova told about mistakes in the morning that lead to blood thickening. In their opinion, a lack of protein for breakfast provokes blood thickening.

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