Combination red caviar and champagne can cause serious harm to human health. The nutritionist said Irina Pisareva.

In an interview with Life, she noted that caviar and alcoholic beverages should not be consumed in large quantities, especially after a long fast. As the expert explained, the preservatives contained in caviar to increase the shelf life negatively affect the body. Pisareva recommended that no more than three teaspoons of the product be included in the daily diet.

In addition, she added that champagne is a drink that leads to rapid intoxication. People who use it on an empty stomach worsen the condition of the pancreas and intestines, the doctor said.

At the same time, Pisareva emphasized that high-calorie and salty caviar in combination with champagne provokes disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Formerly dietitian Elena Solomatina stated that caviar is contraindicated in patients with cardiovascular diseases due to its high content of cholesterol and salt.