January 6, 2023, 19:29 – Public News Service – OSN

Endocrinologist of the Lyubertsy Regional Hospital Natalya Novikova told an effective way that will help you return to your usual diet after the New Year holidays. It is reported by “Moslenta”.

The specialist said that mineral water contributes to better digestion of food. Natalya Novikova advised to have a bottle of water on hand to drink after a long feast.

On the advice of the endocrinologist Novikova, it is best to drink mineral water in small portions of half a liter a day.

In addition, the doctor recommended that you periodically arrange fasting days for yourself, in which it is best to include a moderate amount of fruits and vegetables, lean meat or fish, as well as some porridge and low-fat cottage cheese in the diet.

Natalya Novikova also advised not to forget about physical activity, which included long walks and swimming in the pool.

Same nutritionist, nutritionist, therapist, author of the course “Slim Life” Alexandra Razarenova visiting doctor of medical sciences, doctor of economic sciences Dmitry Edelev broadcast by the Public News Service told toHow to celebrate the New Year without harming your health. More about it see material.