December 14, 2022, 15:43 – Public News Service – OSN

Psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences Irina Krashkina told RIAMO that postpartum depression is a sign of an incipient psychological problem, with which a woman needs to see a specialist.

“If we talk about postpartum depression, then, of course, it is important to distinguish it from general fatigue. Here, the litmus test is that a woman becomes indifferent to her baby in terms of feeding, or hygiene, ”she explained.

The psychotherapist said that postpartum depression begins against the background of a woman’s severe fatigue. This problem needs to be dealt with by specialized specialists, since this condition requires treatment.

Recall that pediatrician-immunologist Andrei Prodeus told how to prevent the development of postpartum depression in women. He clarified that for a stable state of mind, a woman needs to have close people nearby in the first months after giving birth, who will help in everyday life. He clarified that constant lack of sleep can undermine the nervous system.

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