Pensions can be earned in real life. Of course, even DiCapria would not think of making money for confirming my friendship on Facebook. The self-proclaimed rapper and influencer Luk Kril, however, go for a long time, for any crown for any video, he gave the public or a photo of his penis in the field. For that, dmy, he’s asking a question mark. And it pays off, when you buy such, be sure to see something you haven’t seen. It doesn’t matter if such secrets shouldn’t be left unattended …

Influencer and self-proclaimed rapper Luk Kril offers on his social tables that he has done practically anything for everyone. Prod vm svj YouTube kanl, bude vs sdlet za padest korun on Instagram a zachz i dl. If you want him to confirm enough about his friendship on Facebook, he will shoot 25 crowns for it.

For 250 crowns, he will provide an exclusive interview with his mother, who gave birth to him. For a penny of crowns, then offer the embarrassment in public. What does that mean? Tko ct, take off your leg outside and then on video.

Luk Kril offers your pepper photos for a fee. Dmy, report!

Luk Kril offers a photo of a penis for 500 crowns

However, it was also included in the content, which is suitable for the Only Fans platform. A photo of his penis will then come out with each tired fan for 500 crowns.

In order for you to believe me, you will fly 250, then half a photo, and you will fly another 250, describes Krill, how the trade will take place. And that, ladies, is sure to pay off when you look at this young man.


Kril also offers to get drunk and die on the catcher. The rest will not be a news for him, it will happen to visit his profile on Instagram or TikTok.

The rapper has debts and problems with finding work, so try to make as much money as possible. I have a large fan base on Instagram, it is watched by almost 13,000 people who are talking about his bizarre breeding.