Come and go with km Adam Kajumi, I will keep his fans engaged for a long time. There was speculation about his relationship with singer and TikToker Mna, and he was also linked with Laduka, with whom he was in LikeHouse. Most recently, his fans hoped that he would get together with TikToker and OnlyFans model Anna Hamannová aka Kafua.

Fans speculated so much about their relationship that Kajumi made a TikTok video Explaining why I’m not with Kafuu. But he didn’t give much of an answer in it.

I would like a good, nice one who is fun to be with. But most importantly, I know how to make a candle. And you don’t know Kajumi laughs. And that’s in. But be clear to the fans in the comments. Who, take her, or make a mistake,pe one fan.

You are together, I don’t know how long pidv gave

My new girlfriend?

Only in reality, Kajumi is quite capable with someone else. Videos with singer Natli Gross began to appear on Kajumi’s TikTok. That immediately raised eyebrows.

My new girlfriend? someone asks. She’s much prettier, isn’t Kafuu dovv gave

It is not clear whether the couple is really dating or not.

Let’s understand each other, and the dog will get used to it. I wouldn’t say anything about it for now,svil Express Kayumi.

It is clear, however, that the presence of the Grossos will benefit him on social media. In the last week, the dream videos have been viewed much more than the ones where I am. They have, with the exception of one, over ten thousand sheets. The one where Natlie gave him company, they also saw a dog of two hundred.

@adamkajumi @NATALIE  didn’t like it #extreme ♬ Where were you yesterday – imon Hanko

But Kajumi, who is followed by more than a million people on TikTok, is certainly aware of the fine height of her social network accompanied by her girlfriends. With Kafuu, however, he only had a little trouble. If he could be a real Romanian, look at the photos of Express, in which Kajumi and Grossová walk in Grbovce and look like they are having fun together.

Accused The Boy with the Stone

Don’t wait, stupid Kajumi the elite had to accuse the Boy with the stoneunder the real name Ondej Untermiller, who claimed to be a popular gay influencer.

Even Adam Kajumi is hotter said Kluk s kamenm on Instagram. He added that Kajumi does not recognize the orientation and, according to the Boy with the Stone, he takes the men who appear in his company and in his videos as a jerk. Nevm, don’t recognize those people for that dov The boy with the stone.

Although this would make sense in connection with how many girls discover them in Kajumi’s videos, it is necessary to recognize that the Boy with the stone cannot be taken out. On social media, he repeatedly makes harsh comments about other influencers, which always gets laughed off rather quickly.