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For three to four months to save energy.

DTEK urged Ukrainians to consider leaving the country

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Ukrainians were urged to consider leaving the country to save electricity. Writes about it The Guardian with reference to DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko.

He noted that Ukrainians should consider leaving Ukraine as a way to help their country win the war against Russia.

“If they (Ukrainians – ed.) can find an alternative place to live for another three or four months, it will be very useful for the energy system,” the DTEK CEO said.

Reducing electricity consumption will ensure the availability of light in hospitals rescuing our wounded soldiers. But Is it worth leaving big cities at the signal of the authorities? And in general, is it possible in this case to trust her own life? The answers to these simple, but at the same time, the most complex questions over the thirty years of Ukrainian independence, she was looking for ZN.UA. Read about it in the article Inna Vedernikova“ASU Executive Director Alexander Slobozhan: “We must be prepared for various scenarios, including a complete blackout.”

According to materials:
The Guardian

Prepared by: Leah Ilchenko

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