Disney will make a realistic version of the movie that traumatized thousands of people in their childhood

With the great successes that Disney has accumulated over the years with its remakes and ‘live action’ of its most iconic characters, such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, and, more recently, The Little Mermaid, the giant animations, has decided to create a new project, one that traumatized thousands of people in its infancy due to its drastic and profound history.

This is Bambi, presented in 1942, the famous deer will come to the big screen in its “most realistic” version, without a doubt one of the classic cartoon characters that could not be missing from the wide catalog of projects that Disney has to develop. new live-action The person in charge of directing this new film will be the talented Oscar winner for best screenplay, Sarah Polley, reports the entertainment medium ‘Deadline’.

At first, the idea of creating remakes and live-action of every one of its most iconic characters was completely crazy for the Disney company, but with the great successes represented by several of the live-action released in the last decade, such as was the case of Beauty and the Beast, which with its attractive cast, Emma Warson and Luke Evans, which managed to raise more than 1,200 million dollars at the box office worldwide, the company has reconsidered this idea, and now they have decided to bet in it the little servant who lost his mother at the hands of hunters.

This new project will represent a new challenge for Disney productions since it will be a “more realistic” remake in which they will have to use various expensive special effects to animate the wildlife that surrounds the tragic story that traumatized hundreds of thousands, Bambi.

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