Everything indicates that the gigantic entertainment company would be considering giving the famous actor a new opportunity, since a few days ago he projected Depp characterized as Jack Sparrow at a show in Disneyland, which raised all possible alerts.

According to various videos that are currently circulating on social networks, a few days ago a show was held at Disneyland in Paris France, where in the castle several images related to Pirates of the Caribbean. Among them, the image of the iconic Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.

This has immediately given hope to all fans of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean, who want to see him again in big projects and even see him play Jack Sparrow again.

It was in 2018, shortly after Amber Heard published in an article Washington Post that she had been a victim of abuse during the time she was married to Johnny Depp, when Disney and other production companies decided to put aside the services of the actor. Decision that was not very well received by the public, since they considered that they were only taking Heard’s opinion into account without hearing Johnny’s inversion opinion.

The truth is that, after the actor’s legal victory against his ex-wife, new and great possibilities have opened up for numerous producers and directors of films want to have the acting services of the iconic American actor again.