In addition to representing one of the best bands in the k pop Worldwide, bts Not only is he carried away by music, the members from the beginning of their adolescence dedicated themselves to finishing their professional studies, to establish a professional career and become part of a person who has ethics and morals, where this time the members revealed in what university they studied.

After going through difficult times in his move and transfers to seoulto start with the group and focus on activities, most of the members debuted at an early age, thus being minors so they must continue their studies, and although several completed their academic training during high school, some revealed the campus college where they studied together and attended similar careers to learn English.

According to their set schedule, BTS thought of attending a school professionally, with the exact presence and regularity of activities, they made the decision to study together at the Korea Global Cyber ​​University, leaving most of them to graduate and even go recognized during their university development.

During the planning of their studies, they established a distance, so they were online races, due to their difficulty of time, they decided to carry out a schedule of activities to be able to study properly, in language classes, and achieve an education for future career plans. according to your moments.

The Global Cyber ​​University is made up of an auditorium, several buildings for student use, and a large landscape around it, as reported by the BTS members who studied something related to radio and communication.