The debate over the possible successor of Daniel Craig in the iconic safa of James bond has been long and hard since last year, but after the premiere of No time to die And with 2022 approaching, it seems that the options are getting smaller and smaller until the candidates are reduced to three potential names.

The British medium BBC has reignited the conversation about it with a fresh list of potential candidates. With reserved forecasts, reviewing some of the most famous names were the following three recognized actors who appeared as the three main and most powerful successors.

The first name is the actor Tom Hardy, who with his roles in feature films like Venom, Dunkirk Y Mad Max: Fury Road They have shown that Hardy has the wood for action. Although some mention that Channing tatum He is the perfect fighting actor for the role, Hardy has better acting skills, which is required for the role of 007.

Henry cavill is the middle name. The popular and coveted Briton has been Superman Y Sherlock Holmes, has been present in sagas such as Mission Impossible, the Agent of Cipol, among others. The actor has had a solid career in which he has shown that he can dress up in a suit and hit some good shots.

When Craig was cast, Cavill was in the final shortlist, but at the time Cavill was only 20 years old and might be too young for the role. Will this be your chance? “At this stage, everything is up in the air. We will see what happens. But yeah, I would love to play Bond and it would be very, very exciting, “Cavill told GQ last year.

The third name is for the actor Idris Elba. Few have the skills that this actor possesses. This acting heavyweight, launched to fame thanks to the wonderful series The Wire, He has been a favorite for the role for the past few years. The concern is that Elba is 49, and may not last long to develop the desired role.

After having reviewed these three potential successors of Daniel Craig to be James Bond, which one do you think will be the chosen one?