The kpop It is an industry in constant change, in its beginnings, it used to be a genre with happy rhythms that sang of love, but it has evolved into a genre of women without fear of showing what they feel, and of men without limits.

From time to time, groups appear on the scene that are committed to changing the landscape and bringing fresh themes, with a conservative angle, but with a slightly distinctive air to the rest that drives change in the industry, as they were ITZY either NCT.

That is also the case for EPEXa relatively new group, debuted a little over a year ago, and which has taken the genre by surprise with its elegant but youthful and aggressive imagery.

Its members have delivered each song very well, impeccable choreography that connects with the song in sometimes unexpected ways. Identified with electropop rhythms and bass synths in the choruses, the songs have a dystopian vibe that gives the illusion that something mysterious is happening around them.

Another point in favor is that, so far, they have not abused the astral sounds or clichés of the genre, making EPEX a group with commercially well-received, but well-thought-out proposals.

Here in world music we introduce you to EPEX and some of his best videos:

Let’s start with his most recent video, “사랑歌”either “Love song” in Spanish, a youthful atmosphere, with happy choreography and a song about first love and the emotions it entails.

Let’s continue the list with “Lockdown”, “Lockdown” in Spanish, a video recorded in an environment that is very much in line with the global context of its release time, showing few scenes in open spaces and prioritizing interior spaces, just like in the pandemic, even, in the lyrics, you will find a reference to COVID-19.

Let’s end the list with “Do 4 Me”either “You will do for me» in Spanish, one of their most different videos and songs from the rest, since they show a vulnerable and doubtful side with the lyrics, while they are playful and happy in the video.

We hope that his music is to your liking, as it is to ours.