January 4, 2023, 13:49 – Public News Service – OSN

Olesya Shigina, documentary filmmaker, head of the Cultural Projects of the KSVO, spoke about the importance of creating films about the special operation in Ukraine. Her words are quoted by the Lenta.ru portal.

The director noted with regret that now Russian culture is not doing what it needs to. “culture is a reflection of our souls. Russia is at the front, so the culture that is now doing anything but thinking, analyzing and turning it into works dedicated to our heroes is dead,” Shigina said.

In her opinion, culture should reflect the deep mood of the “true Russian people”, which is not indifferent to today’s events in Ukraine. “Now the special operation is the main and only important thing that happens to us <...> Therefore, we need to shoot. The main thing is not just to shoot, but you need to shoot with your heart, carefully select those who have the right, have, who will be honored to shoot our heroes, ”she said.

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