Director of the Sapozhkov School Vyacheslav Chizhkov: “The status of a cultural heritage object creates difficulties in simple things”

On August 1, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov visited the Sapozhkovskaya secondary school named after Hero of Russia A.I. Tuchin, which has the status of a cultural heritage site. This, according to the director of the school, Vyacheslav Chizhkov, creates difficulties in simple things.

Vyacheslav Chizhkov:

“I am very pleased that for several years in a row Sapozhkovskaya secondary school has been included in the preparation program for the beginning of the academic year. This allows us to improve the conditions of education, security, equipment. In 2021-2022, we received two new school buses, and we plan to receive two more. But the status of an object of cultural heritage creates many difficulties in simple things. There are problems with the renovation of the school. Now we can carry out restoration work, which is much more expensive. Training documentation requires incomparably more effort, time and money. I think that recognizing buildings as objects of cultural heritage is good. But after the award, there should be special programs with funding to keep the building in proper condition.”