Director of the Sapozhkov Children’s Art School: “Sapozhk’s Face” cannot be repaired on its own

Marina Zakharyashcheva, director of the Sapozhkovskaya Children’s School of Art, spoke about the difficulties with the repair of several historical buildings in Sapozhka. Recall that Acting Governor Pavel Malkov visited the building of the secondary school and discussed the prospects for its repair.

“The main problem of the school, in my opinion, as an architectural structure, is that it is a former religious school. And it is under state protection as a monument of cultural heritage. It is the law that prevents us from repairing and restoring the school with our own means, as it has always been done. To renovate a school, you need to spend a lot of money on coordinating design and estimate documentation, calling experts, finding access to laboratories that will give conclusions.

The same applies to the children’s art school, and the children’s library, and the House of Children’s Creativity. Our buildings are the face of Boots. And they need urgent repairs. And repair, both of the secondary school named after the hero of Russia Alexei Tuchin, and of all the listed buildings of the Sovetskaya Street complex, is possible only with a change in legislation.