Team shooter Overwatch from 2016 is the last game from Blizzard, in which the uncritically admired team proved its genius and ability to take years of stagnant genres to a new level. Unfortunately, he has not released any new games since then, and in recent years it has been talked about almost exclusively in negative contexts, whether it is political grievances, sex scandals, or perhaps undignified squeezing iconic Warcraft.

One of Tracer’s winning poses from Overwatch was too challenging and was removed from the game.

Since the upcoming sequel to Overwatch, fans have been promising to return to the old order and are therefore watching it closely. The recent beta has shown that we cannot expect any originality from it, on the other hand, given the situation at Blizzard at the moment prevailsa minimalist approach to change is actually good news.

Most of the changes made, the (so far) largest of which is the reduction of the number of team members from six to five, are evaluated positively, but there are still areas for which relatively passionate discussions are taking place on the Internet. And one of them is really unexpected – people argue about the size of the buttocks.

Specifically, the buttocks of the character Tracer, which is one of the erotic symbols of the game, despite its distinctly comic-style treatment. A Vulturfakes user posted a three-dimensional model of a virtual beauty on his Twitter profile, otherwise filled with ragged images of well-known computer game characters, which shows that he has a relatively flat (understand the corresponding human anatomy) ass.

Overwatch is one of the most popular games on Pornhub every year.

At the same time, he was still admired only in tight trousers, and based on critics’ complaints, one of Trace’s all-too-provocative animations even disappeared (see our article). The community is even so captivated by its background that it has created so-called showbutting, which is a bit of pubertal entertainment, during which players try to bring the camera as close to the heroine’s background as possible, ideally during various celebratory poses for victory (see attached video).

The new look of Tracer has caused a great stir, at which point the tweet has provoked more than 20,000 reactions, many of which blame the authors for succumbing to the pressures of political correctness or radical feminists and disgracing the famous ass.

But that is godless nonsense. Firstly, due to recent scandals no one in Blizzard’s leadership can suspect ordinary human decency, let alone any political correctness. Above all, however, it turned out that no model modifications were made. The famous ass is modeled in exactly the same way as before, the alleged difference is just an optical trick caused by the chosen camera angle.

Again, Shakespeare’s “a lot of noise for nothing” applies, but we can’t say we’re surprised. The overwatch is next door Skyrim and The Last of Us one of the most popular games and Pornhub and similar servers, where there is an inexhaustible number of amateur films in which we find popular characters in a different context than what the screenwriters probably imagined when inventing them.

Anyway, the good news is that the development of Overwatch 2 is obviously coming to an end, so we should see it next year at the latest.