At dawn today the news of the alleged resignation of Harnaaz Sandhu to the crown of miss Universe But, is it true that the recent winner of the beauty pageant will drop everything and give her victory to Miss Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira?

It turns out that it was all a joke for December 28, April Fools Day, a day in which hundreds of media and even people play with the truth

It was on various pageant fan pages that the joke began to spread. That is why throughout this Tuesday you should be aware of all the news you are reading and finish them, because usually it is in the last paragraphs that they explain that it is a “joke”.

What if it is not a lie is that Harnaaz is one of the most “rebellious” Miss Universe of the contest, since from the first day of her crown, she imposed her rules and the way she would show her audience.

After 21 years of not having a worthy representative, India He returned to obtain the crown of Miss Universe thanks to the role, bearing and beauty of Harnaaz Sandhu.

It was the night of last Sunday, December 12, when the 21-year-old model was crowned in the famous beauty pageant, thanks to her responses in the last round, as well as her bearing, beauty and safety on the catwalk.

Along with 79 other competitors, Harnaaz’s beauty and personality did not go unnoticed from the first moment, despite the fact that the representative of Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira, was one of the favorites to stay with the crown.

and it is that her strong message that led her to stay with the crown, reached the jury in the deepest part, as she demonstrated to have great humility and to be a worthy representative of the contest.