The collaboration between Shakira Y Bizarre, titled «Music Session #53“It was a true worldwide success, a song that in the end surprised even the Colombian herself, who admits that she did not expect it at 45 years of age. However, not everyone is happy with the new song by the Barranquillera, since her ex-partner Gerard Piqué seems to have tired of the criticism that the song has caused and contacted Shakira directly to “threaten her«.

With more than 50 million views in just under a day on YouTube, the song revealed the whole truth about the end of the relationship of Shakira Y Pique, and the song also sprinkles the new partner of the former Barcelona player, Clara Chia.

An alleged conversation between Shakira Y Gerard Piqué, in which the ex-soccer player claims Shakira for the lyrics of her song with BZRP and several details were recently revealed that the song allegedly caused problems between gerard Y Clara Chia.

In the alleged leaked WhatsApp audio, the former player can be heard saying:

You do realize, right? The lack of respect towards my person.

I think I’ll end up suing, but I think we’ve seen a lot of change.

And you, all you’ve done is rub my humiliations

Despite this threat of a lawsuit, the Colombian did not let that worry her, because her response was sure and direct:

Piqué, do what you want. You’re not going to control my career, if you don’t like the song it’s your problem

Despite these “evidence”, it is known that the video uploaded by the YouTube channel «Celebrities up close MX“It is false, since the fragments shown in the video are interviews or conversations from live broadcasts, since the fragments in which Gerard can be heard are actually conversations he has had with the streamer”Ibai Plains«.

Still, do you think Gerard is capable of suing Shakira?