Shakira, Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia They are in the eyes of the whole world, starting with the issue that it is believed that Gerard was unfaithful to the Colombian and everything was recorded in a Twitch transmission that the former soccer player made with Ibai, where, according to Internet users, you can see to Clara appear in the transmission. For this reason, she is suspected of some infidelity on the part of the Spaniard, but she recently became a Kosmos (Gerard Piqué’s company) came out to reveal the truth.

Just when Internet users thought that the divorce was not going to generate another scandal, a new version of why the divorce came for the ex-partner has recently emerged.

Clara Chia Marti was strongly criticized on the networks after a video where Gerard can be seen talking to Ibai in a live broadcast for the Streaming platform went viral.twitch»and suddenly a young blonde appears next to him, to which all the Internet users thought it was Clara, but this is far from reality, since it was not about her, but about one of her workers, with whom the former player has a very good relationship.

Faced with this situation, the same worker came out to issue a statement explaining that it is about her and not about Clara, this due to the large number of Tweets against the current couple after the release of the new song from Shakira in collaboration with the Argentine, bizarap.

Song that broke the record for the song in Spanish with the most views in the first 24 hours, achieving a total of 50 million views.