The Bashkir Regional Committee of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education held an on-site training seminar for heads and trade union leaders of educational institutions in five regions of the north-east of the republic.

More than 100 people attended the seminar.

In the district House of Culture with. Upper Kigi had nowhere to fall: more than a hundred people from Belokataisky, Duvansky, Kiginsky, Mechetlinsky and Salavatsky regions gathered for the seminar. The participants were welcomed by the chairman of the Bashkir republican organization of the All-Russian Trade Union of Education Rail Gazizov, the deputy head of the Kiginsky district administration Petr Rudnev and the head of the education department of the district Alfinya Kharisova.

“Today we are holding a big and important event,” Rail Gazizov emphasized. – This is a working meeting with trade union activists and heads of educational institutions – social partners, and a training seminar, and work on the mistakes that are made in the field of regulation of labor relations in the field of education.

Rail GAZIZOV presented awards to trade union activists

What’s in the arsenal?

Rail Gazizov spoke about the arsenal of protective tools that the trade union has at its disposal: industry agreements and collective agreements, legal assistance and legal advice, drafting and examination of local acts. Separately, he dwelled on the motivated opinion of the primary trade union organization.

“A motivated opinion can be used not only when reducing staff or approving a vacation schedule, but also when distributing the teaching load, incentive payments,” said Rail Gazizov. – Taking into account the motivated opinion of the trade union committee, the employer adopts local regulations, including provisions on wages. And the participation of the trade union committee in the fair and objective distribution of incentive payments is an opportunity to really protect the interests of workers.

The trade union committee gives a reasoned opinion when approving the retraining plan. It is important that the rights of individual employees are not infringed, so that the employer does not violate his obligation to improve skills free of charge for the employee.

Economic factor

A separate section of Rail Gazizov’s speech concerned the credit consumer cooperative (CPC) “Credit Union” Education “, created in 2010 and in great demand among trade union members. Today there are about 960 shareholders in the cooperative. For 11 months of 2022, 338 loans were issued for a total amount of 27 million rubles. And in total, during the period of operation of the CPC, there were about 9,650 loans for a total amount of 388 million. Compared to 2021, the average loan size increased by 19% and amounts to almost 80 thousand rubles.

“These figures clearly illustrate the demand for the work of the cooperative,” Rail Gazizov emphasized. “People use our services because they trust the union. We have shareholders who take a loan for the ninth or tenth time. They take it because it is convenient: there are no predatory interest and fines, hidden fees and overpayments, expensive insurance.

Svetlana Kuptsova, chairman of the Duvan district committee of the trade union, shared her experience of cooperation with the Communist Party of China. For less than ten years, 332 loans were issued to members of the Education Trade Union in the region for a total of 11 million 687 thousand rubles.

“People always have some needs: to bring gas to the house, to repair the roof, to pay for the child’s studies,” the trade union leader said. – An application for a loan can be made at the trade union organization at the place of work. There are no “pitfalls”. As a rule, loans are issued twice a month. But sometimes it happens that a shareholder needs money urgently. Then the cooperative goes forward and speeds up the issuance of the loan.

We want to know everything

Stanislav Yarullin, chief legal labor inspector of the republican committee of the trade union, spoke about the main changes in labor legislation for the current year and answered the questions of the seminar participants. And there were quite a few of them: people were interested in the issues of early retirement, certification, remuneration, the procedure for determining the volume of the teaching load, formalizing labor relations, establishing the status of “young specialist” and accruing payments due.

The secretary of the republican committee of the trade union for socio-economic issues, Irina Melikova, spoke about typical violations that occur during the verification of local regulations. The seminar participants were able to ask her questions about the formation of the wage fund of an educational institution, the procedure for establishing and accruing various types of additional payments, allowances and compensations.

The Deputy Chairman of the Republican Committee, Natalia Alekseeva, in her speech focused on innovations in the Education Trade Union: an electronic trade union ticket and the PROFCARDS bonus program. She noted that thanks to the bonus system, members of the trade union had the opportunity to receive discounts in the network of partner enterprises. The amount of cashback is much more than paid trade union dues. And this is the very rare case when cashback is returned in the form of real money.

The seminar ended with the awarding of trade union activists and social partners.

Artur SUNAGATULLIN, Republic of Bashkortostan

Direct speech

Vyacheslav ZVEREV, chairman of the trade union organization of the secondary school with. Maigaz, Belokataysky district:

“There have been a lot of changes in labor law. Therefore, it is gratifying that the seminar was of a practical nature, everyone was able to gather important and necessary information for themselves. I am also a freelance legal inspector of the Belokatai regional trade union organization, I periodically go to check educational institutions, so I updated the necessary knowledge. In general, we are constantly in touch with the specialists of the district committee: you can always ask them a question on social networks and just call, they respond immediately.

Lidia SAFONOVA, chairman of the trade union organization of kindergarten No. 37 p. Mesyagutovo, Duvansky district:

– During the years of the pandemic, people have missed live meetings, so it is gratifying that Reskom held such a large-scale seminar. Although the coronavirus did not leave us in an information vacuum, since we regularly participated in educational webinars, there is no substitute for live communication. The material presented at the seminar was varied, confirmed by practical cases, interesting for each participant. I will definitely convey all the information received to the trade union activists of the kindergarten.