Details of the escape of an Ukrainian Armed Forces officer from Ukraine to Russia have become known

Armed Forces Officer Ukraine (APU) arrived in Russia on a hijacked plane Su-27. Details of the escape of a Ukrainian serviceman became known edition Baza.

According to the publication, a senior officer and current flight commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was able to fly to Russia on a hijacked Su-27 aircraft. Now the special services are working with the military man.

Blogger and analyst Kirill Fedorov statedthat a long interview with the pilot will be released soon. Such a conversation, allegedly, will allow us to learn more about the role and activities of the pilot in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Fedorov also said that the Russian pilot Alexey Voevoda helped this pilot get into Russian territory. However, the details of such an operation are kept secret for now.

Formerly a Ka-52 helicopter pilot with the call sign Voevoda reportedthat a Ukrainian pilot flew to Russia. According to him, the Ukrainian serviceman is a senior officer and current flight commander.

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