Details of the attack of an aggressive monkey in a Moscow entrance have become known

Bite a man in the southwest Moscow the monkey turned out to be a capuchin. Details of the incident shares Telegram channel Shot.

A resident of one of the houses on Yaseneva Street on November 16 called rescuers after her partner’s monkey named Masya suddenly began to behave aggressively. Capuchin ran out of the apartment, but was only able to reach the closed door leading from the apartment hall to the entrance. The animal settled there, blocking the exit of all neighbors.

As it became known, Masya’s owner was not at home at the time of the incident. The owner’s relative tried to calm the capuchin and return him home, but nothing worked. The animal bit him and sat on his shoulders. The man tried not to move so as not to provoke a second attack. The neighbors tried to pacify the capuchin with bananas, but that didn’t work either.

Only the Moscow Department of Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Fire Safety, who arrived on call, were able to deal with the monkey. Masya was returned to the enclosure, and the police were communicating with the owner.

Previously in Turkish Istanbul monkey ran away from the owner and caused chaos on the streets of the city. The animal attacked three people: the monkey bit two of them, and caused a head injury to one.

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