Details of the appearance of third-party stores on iPhone have been revealed

Apple Corporation will check applications that will be installed on iPhone bypassing the App Store. About it reports edition 9to5Mac.

Media journalists studied the beta version of iOS 17.4 and found out how sideloading of applications will be organized in the OS. First of all, the authors disclosed information that it will be possible to install third-party application stores on the iPhone and other devices, but Apple will check them in detail.

Thus, store creators will have to obtain official permission from the company. In addition, the store operator will be required to have a letter of credit worth at least €1 million to “guarantee support for developers and customers.”

In addition, not every iPhone will be able to install the store. Apple will check the region of the Apple ID, billing address, and current location of the user. Journalists suggested that to install third-party stores, it will not be enough for the user to change the region in the settings – he will have to be geographically located in one of the countries European Union.

Previously Apple stated, which will allow users in the European Union (EU) to download apps from third-party sources, not just the App Store. Changes for developers have been made in iOS 17.4.

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