Details of ten-year US obligations on security guarantees to Ukraine have been revealed

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden develops ten-year security guarantee commitments Ukraine and is preparing to present them in the spring of 2024. About the details of this document reports The Washington Post (WP).

It is reported that the new strategy will be radically different from plans for last year, when USA and other states sent military equipment to Ukraine in hopes of a successful counteroffensive. In 2024, the main task is to maintain existing positions.

“In addition, Western governments want Kyiv has focused on tactics in which his forces have had more success recently – long-range fires, including French cruise missiles promised to be delivered over the next few months; containment of the Black Sea Fleet Russia to protect maritime transit from Ukrainian ports; and tying up Russian forces inside Crimea missile strikes and special operations sabotage,” the article says.

It is noted that the plan will be presented on the condition that Biden’s request for additional funding for Ukraine in the amount of $61 billion is approved by Congress. According to the publication’s sources, the adoption of long-term guarantees will help Ukraine receive US funding if it wins the next presidential election Donald Trump.

Previously Ukraine concluded ten-year agreement on security guarantees with Great Britain. It is reported that the bilateral agreement will be in force until Ukraine joins NATO.

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