Details of mine explosion of grain ship from Ukraine revealed

Bulk carrier Georgia S, which left Odessa with a load of Ukrainian grain and being blown up by a mine, he continued his journey. About it reported newspaper “Dumskaya”.

According to the publication, the mine that exploded next to the ship turned out to be anti-personnel. Flag bulk carrier captain Liberia misjudged the situation and issued a distress signal. The ship and cargo were not damaged,

According to the ship tracking service Marine Traffic, Georgia S is now already passed Bosphorus and is in line to pass through the Dardanelles.

About the explosion of the bulk carrier Georgia S reported in the afternoon of November 18. Reuters, citing maritime experts and a source in government of Ukraine They said that the ship left the port of Yuzhny in the Odessa region and, while on the open sea, was damaged in the Black Sea.

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