A new book reveals details of the problems in the marriage between Lady Di and the current King Charles III before their divorce in 1996. The book, titled “The King: The Life of Charles III”, was released on November 8 of last year, after the death of the Queen isabel II and the arrival of Prince Charles to the throne at the age of 74.

The writer Christopher Andersenauthor of the book, recounts how Lady Di she had a large number of lovers who tried to fill the void caused by her husband’s indifference, which led her to a deep depression. On the other hand, it is revealed that the relationship between them went from humiliation to mistreatment on more than one occasion, and that love was never a part of them, let alone sexuality.

A close royal source says Diana literally chased her husband down the halls, up the stairs and from room to room in the royal couple’s country retreat at Highgrove House in order to have sex, but her husband no longer wanted to have sex. relations with her since the birth of Prince Harry in 1984.

One of the worst moments was a cruel and sarcastic response from Carlos, who told Lady Di:

I don’t know dear, I think I might be gay.

Response that has filled the fans of Lady Di. After long and sad problems between them, the couple agreed to separate in 1992, but they did not get divorced until 1996, but just one year later, Lady Di lost her life in a tragic car accident in Paris, on August 31, 1997.

Andersen’s book provides a detailed account of the life of Charles III, including his marriage to Camila Parker and how he prepares to be king. Although the book has generated controversy for its focus on the relationship between Carlos and Lady Diana, it has been well received by critics for its exhaustive investigation and revealing interesting details about the lives of British royals.