Details have emerged in the case of the unintentional murder of a hockey player during a match

A hockey player who cut the Nottingham Panthers player’s neck has been released by police in South Yorkshire. Adam Johnson during the match. Details appeared on website local law enforcement agencies.

Police said the man was temporarily released on an obligation to appear. However, the investigation continues.

On 28 October, during the second period of a British Challenge Cup match against the Sheffield Steelers, Johnson was accidentally hit in the throat by a skate blade and lost consciousness. The match was stopped and the player was taken to hospital, where he died a day later.

After this, the player who struck the blow arrested and was suspected of unintentional murder. His name was not disclosed, however, according to the publication, we are probably talking about Sheffield Steelers hockey player Matt Petgrave, who cut Johnson in the throat with a skate.

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