The princess Ana She has been chosen as the most popular member of royalty among all for her hard work and dedication to the duty of the crown, because she has the quality of keeping calm and continuing, even in the most difficult moments of the British royal crown. Princess Anne has always known how to act intelligently to get out of trouble.

Princess Anne, who is also known as the busiest member of the royal family, uses the Palace of st james; However, one of the things that has caught the attention of the current media is his incredible mansion called Gatcombe Parkwhere she lives with all her ex-husbands, as well as some horses and dogs as pets.

This private house is located a few kilometers from highgrove what is the country house ofhe King Charles IIIthe property that has about 300 hectares, now at present it would cost approximately £6,000,000 ($7,467,900), as it has become very popular and works to keep a large number of horses and cattle.

Likewise, this majestic house has five main bedrooms, four secondary bedrooms, four reception rooms, a library, a billiard room and a winter garden, as well as accommodation for staff who help with housework. One of the details that stands out the most about Princess Anne’s property is that she shares this mansion with her ex-husband, Captain Mark Phillips, and with her other ex-husband, Peter of Autumn Phillips, who also reside in the mansion.

It seems that the princess and her ex-partners would have made this decision in order to facilitate the upbringing of their daughters. Savannah and Island Phillips