Politician Oleg Tsarev commented on the announcement in a conversation with Pravda.Ru emergency on the territory of Ukraine, which was reported by Ukrenergo after strikes on the country’s energy infrastructure facilities.

Tsarev compared Ukraine in its current state to a patient in intensive care, who exists solely due to the fact that he is connected to an artificial support system.

“Now Ukraine is like a resuscitation patient who exists solely because he is connected to the system. So it is in Ukraine: weapons are being supplied, money is being supplied, humanitarian aid, weapons, warm underwear for fighters, transformers from Azerbaijan and the United States. Therefore, destroying the infrastructure, we, Russia, increase the cost of maintaining Ukraine.If at the beginning Zelensky said that one billion a month would be enough for him to support Ukraine, and Ukraine was at war with Russia, now he says that eight. crisis, this will make Western countries think about whether they should support Ukraine or agree to Russia’s conditions – to guarantee Russia’s security and fulfill other requirements,” Tsarev said.

The politician is sure that this is the main goal of the RF Armed Forces strikes on Ukrainian energy facilities, because the shelling of the Ukrainian energy system will not directly affect the actions of the armed forces. The expert is convinced that everything necessary for Ukraine can be transported by diesel locomotives – both fuel and power generators for military units.

Therefore, the strikes of the RF Armed Forces will not have a direct impact on the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in contrast to the desire of the West to support Kyiv.

“And perhaps now, instead of buying some mines or drones, the Zelensky regime will have to buy transformers,” Tsarev concluded.

Earlier, on December 16, Ukrenergo declared a state of emergency after strikes on the country’s energy facilities. The company explained that a systemic accident (blackout) occurred in Ukraine due to the fact that the consumption of the united energy system of Ukraine fell by more than 50%.

Curator Lyubov Stepushova

Lyubov Alexandrovna Stepushova – columnist for Pravda.Ru