The popular and controversial American actress flatly refuses to accept the final verdict that she gave as the winner to her ex-husband, for which she has sent an appeal, despite the denial of the judge in charge of the case.

The team of lawyers of the actress Amber Heard sought again to annul the trial and order a new one, as they found a strange situation in the jury.

The lawyers assured that the jury 15 was not the person summoned and there was a confusion that allowed another person to occupy that place. But the judge in charge of the trial, Penney Azcarate, He dismissed the request of the actress and her lawyers, stating that all the members of the jury had their legal documentation and without any inconvenience.

Faced with this situation, the actress and her team presented this Thursday before the Court of Appeals of Virginia an appeal against the jury’s decision, despite the judge’s refusal to grant an appeal measure.

“We believe that the court made errors that prevented a fair and equitable verdict consistent with the First Amendment. Therefore, we are appealing the verdict,” a spokesperson for Amber Heard’s legal team told Reuters.

After the appeal filed by Amber Heard and his lawyers, in the next few days there will be news and, after several months, the case of Heard and Johnny Depp will give more to talk about. However, it is believed that Heard’s request for an appeal will again be denied.