December 16, 2022, 05:12 – Public News Service – OSN

Deserted from APU Dmitry Goretsky spoke about the looting of black mercenaries in the village Kurdyumovka. He also said that foreign fighters stole bicycles and rode them around the village. About it writes RIA Novosti.

Goretsky shared the following information: “Some mercenaries came… <…> They are all black, they don’t speak our language, they don’t even speak Ukrainian. They stole my uncle’s motorcycle, they stole bicycles, they rode bicycles around the village like at home, they carried everything they could.”

As previously reported by the Public News Service, after release city ​​of Artemovsk, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will have to take the agglomeration of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk-Druzhkovka-Konstantinovka, journalist Yevgeny Norin believes. He stated that it could take several months.

The expert drew attention to the fact that after several months of battles, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to control a number of suburbs of Donetsk and Horlivka. However, according to him, Russian troops can make progress and complete the liberation of Artemovsk.

On the current and former territories of Ukraine, a Russian special operation has been ongoing since February 24, 2022. The main tasks of the SVO are the demilitarization and denazification of the republic.