December 14, 2022, 11:48 – Public News Service – OSN

Over the past eight years, the income level of Russians has declined significantly, and the gap in the wages of fellow citizens can only be overcome by 2040. Member pointed to this State DumaVice-President of the Confederation of Labor of Russia Oleg Shein.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the salary of Russians is now lower than it was in 2014. The “failure” in terms of income was about 8%, and the price increase in 2022 alone was 13%.

“If the average wage in the real sector of the economy is declining and lagging behind, it is clear that the average wage in the public sector will also decline. Now wage indexation is just an attempt to catch up with price increases,” Shein explained in an interview with FederalPress.

Earlier, lawyer Alexander Karabanov explained what arguments will help convince the employer to raise salary. The specialist noted that some Russians are not satisfied with their wages. In this case, you should convey to the manager that the employee is really an important employee.