The administration of the Admiralteisky district forbade the residents of St. Petersburg to meet with the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky. They were going to discuss the issue of paid parking. About it reported Vishnevsky himself is in his telegram channel.

Vishnevsky has already met with activists in Kolomna, Vishnevsky said. According to him, they complained about the organization of paid parking in the Admiralteisky district and asked the deputy to meet with local residents on Turgenev Square on December 24.

Subsequently, Vishnevsky sent a notice of a meeting with voters to the district administration, but was refused. Representatives of the administration referred to the decree of the city government, according to which public events in St. Petersburg are prohibited until December 31.

Vishnevsky also noted that the leadership of the district administration referred to the epidemiological instructions against the coronavirus, but “festivities, fairs and concerts” continue to be held in the city. “You can’t just meet voters with Vishnevsky,” the deputy concluded.

What you need to know. At the end of November, the authorities of the Leningrad Region banned hold any rallies and public events due to the decree of the President of Russia of October 19. This decree introduces a “basic readiness mode” in some regions of the country.

Later the regional leadership canceled ban and called the measure “excessive”.

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