Deputy Minister of Science explained the importance of the new compulsory educational course

Olga Petrova: the course on the basics of Russian statehood will develop

The course “Fundamentals of Russian Statehood”, launched in Russian universities on September 1, was developed by a large team of teachers, associate professors, professors because such ambitious tasks can only be solved by a large and well-coordinated team of professionals. This statement was made by Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Olga Petrova at the presentation of a new academic discipline, held at the international multimedia press center “Russia Today”.

The deputy head of the department noted that first-year students have already begun studying this new educational module.

“The special thing is that this is an interdisciplinary course. Therefore, it fits very harmoniously into the curricula of first-year students. We understand that the course will be under constant development. The course has a mandatory link to the region and universities in which the training takes place. Those educational and methodological materials that have already been created are, of course, a unique and fundamental base for our teachers who have already entered the classroom and started this module,” Olga Petrova noted.

Valery Fadeev, Presidential Adviser and Chairman of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, said that the aim of the course is to liberate students, to give them a broader view, a broader panorama.

“There are a lot of opportunities for discussions on a variety of issues, on values, on some historical elements, on what the authors of the course call “constants,” Fadeev said.

Let us recall that the module “Fundamentals of Russian Statehood” for freshmen was developed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which he announced at a meeting of the State Council.

The module contains 5 blocks: what Russia is, the Russian state civilization, the Russian worldview and the values ​​of Russian civilization, the political structure of Russia, the challenges of the future and the development of the country.

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