The twist of one of the proposals, which relate to legally mandatory inspections of safety of roads and roads and exemptions from the driving lots for trucks.

By postponing the activities of the new building society, proposed by the Minister for Urban Development Ivan Barto for Pirty, the government of Petr Fiala wants to gain time for his property rights. According to the current government, building blocks should remain in general rows, they will not be in less sweat now. I will remain a specialized and appellate construction company who will be in charge of permitting large investments, such as debris, railways, dams and gas tanks.

The postponement of the activities of the new building council wants to prevent the members of the YES movement, which enforced the bill together with the Social Democrats and the Communists in the last election period, when it was in government.

Is he embarking on a strategy to tackle the refugee wave?

It is possible that some deputies will try to push for the Chamber to return to the discussion of the government’s own refugee wave. The Chamber of Deputies had it on the agenda, but after hours of SPD talks Tomia Okamury left the SL ministers to protest its contents.

Okamura called for ready-made refugees to Hungary. In connection with Ukrainian migrants, the abundance of tuberculosis, HIV, measles and puppets in Ukraine, Okamura toilets for refugees from Ukraine in front of the wolf unleashed by Russia is a cause for concern. He attacked the ministers that they were hardened and that they were from Mars.

Mayor Zdenk Hib said on Thursday that if the government did not start work on creating a system of divided refugees into the region within the next three weeks, Prague would close its assistance center in Vysoany. It does not have accommodation capacity in Prague and, according to the mayor, there is a refugee per capita, not in some other regions.

Due to the catastrophic situation on the crack of the main railway, where the prisoners, including children, on earth, had to establish a camp in Troja for about 150 people. But the fugitive is more than a hundred years old.